"Empowering YOU to Shine!"
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My presentation, "Empowering *YOU* to Shine!" is enjoyed by students of all ages as well as educators, parents and administrators. I have talks designed for preschools through high schools, though I typically speak at elementary schools. As the students get older I'm able to share on a more meaningful level about my life experiences and career as an author. It is a different conversation I can have with a 5 year old, 5th grader and 15 year old!

I share the message of my books, my experience as an author and several life lessons I've learned along the way.

"Empowering *YOU* to Shine!"covers:

Be Yourself: A simple though not always easy lesson I learned to embrace, having to deal with the loss of all my hair at age eleven to a condition called Alopecia Areata. As we interact, the students experience the power and freedom that comes from "being yourself". We also have a conversation that addresses bullying and the effects of it on peers that are often going through a challenging time.

Love and Connection: The way that we are all intrinsically the same, we all desire to love and be loved, to feel connected and to be heard. Here I share the message of my first book, New York Times Bestseller, I Love You More, and my most recent book, I'll Hug You More.

Author/Illustrator/Publisher: My personal experience of going from having a good idea to becoming a best selling author. In the process I had to learn to embrace the editorial process and realize that it often takes many drafts to get it right. I share that our parents, teachers, editors are working with us to help us create our best work possible.

Cheers!: The way we speak to ourselves and one another is so important. I have developed a set of signature Cheers! that we learn, teaching the students to use the power of their word and enthusiasm to set themselves up for victory in the classroom, on the field and in life!

Genius: We all have unique gifts and talents, like seeds planted in our heart. We learn the "Genius Cheer!" which will help students to awaken their own unique genius, so that they may share and shine them in the world.

You Are a Gift to the World: The message of my second book encourages children to love and take good care of themselves, one another and the world we call home! Our children, as do we, flourish when they experience being loved, accepted and appreciated!

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Schools Visited
Mesa: Zaharis Elementary
Tempe: Changing Hands w School for the Deaf

La Jolla: The Children's School
Lake Tahoe: Environmental Science Magnet,
Los Angeles: St James Episcopal
Murrieta: Murrieta Elementary

Aspen: Aspen Elementary, Wildwood and others
Denver: Mile High Center for Spiritual Living Youth Program
Longmont: St John the Baptist Catholic School

Amelia Island: Amelia Island Montessori
Atlantic Beach: Atlantic Beach Elementary
Bryceville: Bryceville Elementary
Celebration: Celebration Elementary
Coral Springs: Riverside, Country Hills, Cambridge Schools
Davie: David Posnack Temple School
Delray: American Heritage
Fort Lauderdale: Virginia S Young, Lloyd Estates, Floranada, St Mark's, Pinecrest, St Anthony's
Fort Pierce: Fort Pierce Magnet School for the Arts
Hollywood: Beach Montessori
Lady Lake: The Villages of Lady Lake Elementary
Leesburg: Leesburg Elementary
Miami: Alexander School, Miami Country Day, St Francis, St Thomas
Pembroke Pines: Cambridge Schools
Pinecrest: Pinecrest Elementary
Plantation: American Heritage
Pompano: Lighthouse Point Christian
New Port Richey: Fox Hollow Elementary
Weston: Everglades Elementary, Imagine Charter, Cambridge Schools
West Palm Beach: Meyer's Academy, Academy of the Palm Beaches

Glenview: Willowbrook
Shorewood: Walnut Trails
Streamwood: Ridge Circle
Wheaton: St Michael's Elementary

Alexandria: St Joseph Cold Spring

Halifax: Halifax Elementary
Hingham: Notre Dame Academy, St Paul's Catholic School
Kingston: Kingston Elementary
Marshfield: Governor Winslow, Ames Way
Milton: Collicot
Plymouth: Federal Furnace Elementary
Scituate: Hatherly, Jenkins, Lil' Munchkins Childcare & Preschool, Owl's Crossing Preschool

Overland: Marion Elementary
St Louis: Immacolata, New City School

New Jersey:
Caldwell: Grandview, Trinity Academy
Orange: Forest Street
West Orange: Gregory Elementary

New York:
Frost Valley YMCA for CAP Alopeciapalooza
Port Washington: Parent Resource Center

Cincinnati: Guardian Angels, Sands Montessori, Mercer, Welch, Colerain
Kings Mills: Kings Mills

Brentwood: Kenrose
Franklin: Walnut Grove, Clovercroft
Nashville: Mama Lere School for the Deaf, Vanderbilt
Spring Hill: Allendale
Watertown: Watertown Elementary

More to be added soon!
If you'd like to see your name there, send us an email!

Praise for Laura's Program
On behalf of the students, faculty, and staff of Virginia S. Young Montessori Magnet, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for coming out to our school. Your performances demonstrated your passion for positive thinking. Your message that everyone is a genius and anyone can achieve their dreams resonated with our students and staff. Afterwards, I overheard students sharing with others the impact of your presentation on how they view themselves and others.

When we scheduled your visit, we had no idea how dynamic and powerful your program would be. It is my pleasure to recommend you as an outstanding author/presenter to other schools in our district and
beyond. You are now a celebrity of our students and your performances demonstrated the importance of reading, believing in yourself, and pursuing your dreams. Any school would be blessed to have you as a presenter. You truly touched the lives of our students and we thank you. We now believe in the beauty of our dreams and to always keep shining!

Jennifer Narkier, Media Specialist, Virginia S. Young Montessori Magnet

I was planning a community event, and wow did I hit the jackpot bringing in New York Times Bestselling author, Laura Duksta!!! She spoke to our book club after school and then came back for a sensational evening event. Both presentations exceeded my expectations. Laura inspired future authors to never give up, and realize that sometimes it takes a little failure to find success. Laura also inspired others to feel good about themselves with her fun cheers! She had students, parents, and community members on their feet, and feeling great!

Many of you think that during these difficult financial times, it’s not possible to afford such an event. That’s not true. Thanks to the tremendous support from a school partner, I was also able to secure Laura’s fee with ease. I would highly recommend Laura and her program to students, parents, and teachers! What an enthusiastic author! Don’t miss out!!!

Amy, Third Grade Teacher, Weston, FL

Thank you so much for your presentation at St. Mark's. I can truly say that we were all overwhelmed by your positive message! I was so impressed with your ability to communicate effectively with all age groups. Each of the groups you spoke to from the 1 year old class to the 8th grade enjoyed your book and talk. I have seen kids doing the I Shine cheer all week and our 7/8th grade Math teacher tells me she uses the genius cheer every day at the start of class! I hope you will come back and talk to us about your next book--we are looking forward to it!
Heidi Burnett, Director, School Media Center
St. Mark's Episcopal School

In a room filled with young children and adults, Laura Duksta instantly captures your attention and before you know it, she captures your heart. She's like a wizard. A lot of magical twinkling fills the room and inside each little soul stars are born.

Mary Dewald, daughter, mother, grandmother and 5th grade teacher

Laura Duksta and Karen Keesler are great! They have a presentation that truly supports the work of educators, parents and children. Their message of love includes both affective and academic elements. Social and emotional issues discussed include dealing with personal challenges, differences in yourself and others, appreciating yourself and others, using the imagination and self-affirmation, setting goals, accepting constructive criticism, and using your talents to help others. Academic issues include keeping a positive attitude in school, exploring the creative process, drafting and revising work of any kind (including written and artistic work) and persevering to complete a project. Laura and Karen know how to tailor their program to audiences of various ages. They helped my school find the genius inside each one of us!
James McGhee II, Headmaster, Alexander School, Miami, FL

I feel it’s been a privilege to have crossed paths with these lovely ladies because of their message of love and their dedicated, compassionate method of delivering that message not only through their book and their web site, but also through their personalities. Every chance I’ve had to interact with Laura and Karen tells me that they have a strong message that needs to be heard not only in South Florida, but around the world.
Julia E. Spann, Youth Services Librarian Pembroke Pines/Walter C. Young Res. Center

“I find Laura to be an amazing person and feel that her positive
outlook on building relationships is in keeping with our Character
Education Program.”

Susan Messing, Proud Principal, Chancellor Charter School

“I thought Laura’s presentation was great. The students and I
talked about it after the show. The students focused on what it
must be like and feel like to look different and how important it is
to treat everyone with kindness. We discussed how we all have two
eyes, two ears, etc. yet how we all have special qualities that make
us different.”

Debbie Geller, Teacher Imagine Schools
Alopecia Awareness Visits
In partnership with the Children's Alopecia Project I'm bringing my school program into as many schools as possible with students who have Alopecia. A percentage of each program booked mentioning this promo will be donated to the efforts of CAP who I'm Cheering! on for the great work they do!! For more info on CAP click on their logo on the right hand side of this page.

Resource for Schools
Author Kim Norman has put together an incredible resource for schools planning an author visit. On her blog authorbystate.blogpost.com you'll find a list of authors who visit schools. I'm listed under both TN and FL. You'll have to copy and paste the blog url or there are links from Kim's website. Thank *YOU* Kim for creating and maintaining this great site!

Find out more about Kim, her books and visits here:
Kim Norman Author Visits
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